Run your dcrwallet without command line experience

Most of us - the average internet users - have no experience with the command line. However, the full version of the dcrwallet is currently only available with a command line interface (CLI wallet). Personally, I have experienced some troubles with the dcrwallet. Here, I will describe what I did to make my wallet work.

!!! This blog is no longer active. Last update: 22 April 2017 !!!

Getting Started

First of all, it is important that you have the latest release of the Decred software. Check this Github page if you have an updated version:

Second, it is very important to begin with a 'clean' and fully synced blockchain. New users already have a fresh start. Experienced users are advised to back-up their old dcrd and dcrwallet folders and delete them (or rename them) in order to start with a fresh AppData folder.

If you have used the Decred software before, you may be familiar with the process of setting up the dcr deamon (dcrd) and (re-)creating a wallet. If not, you can check out the "Getting Started" part of this post for a detailed and step-by-step explanation:

IMPORTANT! After running the dcrd command, let the blockchain sync completely before moving to the next step: (re-)creating your wallet. For the most recent block height you can check:
Creating the wallet while the dcrd window is not completely synced may cause major problems. The downloading/syncing may take a while, so relax or watch a movie.

After you have (re-)created your wallet with:
dcrwallet --create
Run your wallet with:
dcrwallet --username [walletuser] --password [walletpass] --dcrdusername=[dcrduser] --dcrdpassword=[dcrdpass] --walletpass [publicpassphrase] -d debug
Example: dcrwallet -u noahwallet -P mynewpass2# --dcrdusername=noahdcrd --dcrdpassword=mynewpass1@ --walletpass mypublicpassphrase3$ -d debug 
This should eliminate most of the problems that people had with their wallet.

Using the dcrwallet

The CLI wallet is definitely not easy, but here are some helpful commands. If you have your dcrd and dcrwallet up and running, open a third command window to make use of these commands.

How to get a new address (your old addresses will still be usable):

dcrctl -u [walletuser] -P [walletpass] --wallet getnewaddress 

How to send coins:

dcrctl -u [walletuser] -P [walletpass] --wallet walletpassphrase [privatepassphrase] 600 
(this unlocks your wallet for 600 seconds, or 10 minutes)
dcrctl -u [walletuser] -P [walletpass] --wallet sendtoaddress [address] [amount] 

How to check your balance:

dcrctl -u [walletuser] -P [walletpass] --wallet getbalance * 0 all
(this will show the total amount of coins that you own)
dcrctl -u [walletuser] -P [walletpass] --wallet getbalance * 0 locked
(this will show the amount of DCR that is locked, in PoS tickets or in transactions)
dcrctl -u [walletuser] -P [walletpass] --wallet getbalance * 0 spendable
 (this will show the total amount of DCR that you can spend freely)

How to see your transactions:

dcrctl -u [walletuser] -P [walletpass] --wallet listtransactions

How to make profit with Proof of Stake mining:

That's it for now! Hopefully this has helped you while using your dcrwallet. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in a comment, message me, or tweet me @noahpierau.

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